Abusing cellular technology

There are always some good and bad technological effects. Technology plays an important role in our daily life that is more satisfying and comfortable. However, manipulating it the opposite can direct humanity to discomfort and problems.

Because more and more pornographic videos are out of control, so many are induced to engage in illegal pursuits. Even underage children can access it and this makes it more worrying. Parents do not have enough control over the messages received by their children and send too. Without the right guidance, he can influence young people to formulate irresponsible decisions in the future.

Video sexual meetings between girlfriends and boyfriend relations are scandals related sex related sex. Some use videos to squeeze other couples. Pornography tends to reduce the moral values ​​of society. Because of the uncontrollate proliferation of such things, the community starts receiving pornographic videos as a natural form of entertainment. It also causes it to be more difficult for the authorities to replay adult videos.

Steal money
Robbers have creativity in stealing money. They will send a message that tells you that you won a big price. They will then convince the victims to claim their prices and it will be processed when they transferred some money to a criminal account. Unfortunately, there are many cases reported about text fraud and robbers can affect the victims to transfer money in their accounts.

Misleading information
Just as the spread of information is beneficial for many people, it is also damage if information is misleading and inaccurate. Likewise, forwarding unscrupulous and non-correct messages are destructive. This can worsen the situation that is bad and can even trigger conditions that cannot be changed. The right information is very important for very sensitive jobs such as security, intelligence, bomb diffuser and others. One or more individuals can be killed or terror can breed because of the wrong report.

Bomb cases reported by text messages bring tension to business companies so as to stop them to continue with a normal business routine. It creates paranoia and anxiety instead of better productivity and a richer community.

Above the use of cellular technology can cause a person to be an isolation. Without realizing it, the use of a constant cellphone allows someone to forget to be present where he enters. He can be present with his family but his concentration is not with them. In addition, it also reduces the span of the person’s attention and can cause focus loss. This is because there are so many information available that they can get.

Loss of privacy
Technology can attack a person’s privacy. This is made possible by the network provider tracking device. Upon request, they can track cellular customers and one can be easily found by the network. The telephone conversation can be tapped too to make very confidential data vulnerable to premature disclosure. This is very unprofitable for government tactics in protecting the country so as not to promise security threats.

The right and careful cellphone operation will produce higher global efficiency and output. But if it is exploited, it almost results in the same level of damage. This is no longer a question about how bad technology can affect people. But that’s how people hug him with a full advantage and not someone’s personal interests.

Sylas Tiana
the authorSylas Tiana