Best Cooking Recipes – Rice and Chicken Hearts

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Nas material and chicken:

One cup of four butter or margarine
One medium onion, chopped
One lbs chicken lb, cut parts
One and a half cup of chopped fresh mushrooms
One half a cup of chopped sweet red pepper
One and one half spoon salt
One fourth table spoon pepper
One cup ordinary rice length
One table of the four dry basil leaves
Four moderate tomatoes, peeled and chopped
Two cups of hot chicken stock
One cup of third parmesan cheese grate


At first, you must heat the oven to three hundred fifty degrees Fahrenheit (or 175 degrees Celsius). Next to it, you add butter in a two and a half (3-L) casserole. After that, you must heat the butter in a heavy skillet. Next to it, you need to add onions and cook gently for about three minutes. After that, you have to gently add chicken and cooking hearts for about a minute. Remember to continue to stir it. After that, you must add mushrooms and red pepper; And then you need to cook this for a minute again. You need to stir this continuously. After that, you have to move salt, and then peek at rice. Next, you cook gently until the rice starts to turn into gold. Stir constantly. It will take about three minutes.

Next, you must delete it from heat. Next to it, you must add Basil and tomatoes. Next, you need to spoon this into the prepared Casserole. And then you pour stock chicken on it. Then you cover and grill it for forty-five minutes or even until the rice becomes very soft and most of the fluids are completely absorbed. (Keep in mind: if you can still find that there are still pretty much liquid on rice, you need to continue baking this, and then reveal this, until most of the liquid disappears.) And finally, you have to delete this from the oven and turn this on this oven Broiler. And then you sprinkle a mixture of rice with cheese and then slip under the broiler to make it a light chocolate. Serve this soon.

Sylas Tiana
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