Does technology make a difference in business?

Technology is considered “enabler” for business. And with commoditizing technology recently – the playing field has been leveled. Any technology, the company’s products and services that can be purchased are also available for companies B. So in the effects of technology must be the most significant component of any business and hence this is not about technology.

Probably not!

Efficiency – most businesses both technology use large or small to run their business. From routine business processes such as payroll and accounting to sophisticated marketing and customer interfaces such as websites and Web 2.0 services – all supported by technology infrastructure. Having a more efficient technology platform translated into a more productive business. Efficient IT systems show characteristics such as intuitive and easy to use, involving users and processing information effectively. The company spends valuable resources to keep their IT system function to support business. Efficiency in running IT operations you have a direct impact on business value.

Effectiveness – keeping the lights important but ensuring you use energy-saving tubers causing effectiveness. Take advantage of technological advancements to make your business more productive. Customers have a choice and if you don’t have relevant and updated business practices supported by new technology to serve your customers – they will go elsewhere.

Integration – Business consolidation through mergers / acquisitions and proliferation of customer interface channels raises increasing problems for the IT department. The problem is how to integrate different IT systems so that internal and external customers get consistent and accurate information. Integration is not cheap or simple but is a must if the company wants to complete in the global market.

Innovation – The actual value is generated when technology is used to improve customer experience or propose a better business solution. Consider the use of Walmart about IT solutions to streamline their global inventory management system. PC sales model on-demand Dell. Geico-based insurance sales initiative. eBay online market. In this case you see the use of technology as a competitive advantage.

Sylas Tiana
the authorSylas Tiana