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Improve Health Through Sports and Nutrition

When we talk about health, physical health is what is understood even though our mental health is also a very important component of every health and fitness plan. Health definition is not an universally accepted and described as the absence of disease and injury. The World Health Organization defines it as a good condition that includes physical, mental and social welfare. According to this definition, a man cannot be said to be healthy only based on the absence of disease or weakness.

We don’t think twice before grasping fast food

According to the old saying, we become what we do and what we think about. But the big role in our health is played by our nutrition and our level of physical activity. In today’s life, most people are seen living in lifestyles who settle without eating and sleeping right. Their food intake is bad with lots of fast food, junk food, forried food, cola, alcohol, tobacco, tea and coffee put in their daily diet. Add a deficiency of this exercise and complete recipes for health disasters ready. We have a machine to do everything for us and we hardly do physical activity. We have motorbikes and cars to take us to the nearest market and office and we use the elevator, not the ladder to reach the office located upstairs.

Physical activity is a must to regain our fitness

There is no right movement and stretching limbs we add to our misery and we suffer with many diseases due to lack of daily training. People like to spend their free time in front of their TV or chatting on the internet using their cellphones or computers instead of walking or exercising with machines or bicycles. Teenagers, young adults, and even middle-aged people are seen burgers and steaks to feed their stomachs at lunch because they don’t bring the right Tiffin to give a complete nutrient of their bodies.

People are more healthy today than before

Poor food intake including cola and fat-rich food causes millions to be overweight and non-shaped. Fortunately, people wake up with the dangers of obesity and are now more healthy conscious than to return to form and get fitness for their body and mind. Gym mushrooms and health and fitness centers around us are a reflection of this growing awareness. The same attention for health and fitness is seen in a diet where people become aware of their total intake of heat.

Sylas Tiana
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