Main use of fiber optic technology

The advantages of fiber optic technology are widely known. It saves costs and flexibly too. The risk of signal interference is almost non-existent. This advantage has made this technology the preferred choice for many industries. Learn where and how it is used.


No doubt, fiber optic technology has many applications in telecommunications. It is used for telephone communication and to connect computers in the network. This is preferred for better performance and to provide more bandwidth.

It’s easy to see the difference between optical systems and others. When you have a telephone conversation with someone on the other side of the Atlantic, you will hear echo if the cellphone is connected via satellite. There is no interference when the signal is done by the transatlantic optical cable.


Optical fiber technology is used in treatment for inspection and maintenance. Endoscope is a device based on this technology. This is used for inspection of body internal organs. It is very thin and light and creates a minimum inconvenience for patients while producing high-quality images with super high speeds.

Laparoscope is another medical device that is very valuable based on this technology. It uses a thin optical cable that allows doctors to have a clear view of the formation that must be removed during the operation without having to make large pieces of the abdominal area or pelvis of the patient. The pieces are small and this speeds up recovery time.

Mechanical application.

In mechanics, this technology is also used to examine the internal parts of the engine that is almost impossible to achieve without complex and time consuming demolition. Usually, tools based on this technology are used to produce pipe welding images and aircraft engines, space shuttle and cars. They help save time, effort and money and to ensure the highest level of performance and security too.


The transportation system is smarter because of optical fiber technology used in it. This technology helps for automatic traffic lights, message signs and even tollbooths. Fiber is also used in high-speed electric trains too. They are transmission media to control the switching of semiconductor power in electric motorcycle converts.

Finally, but no less important, optical fiber technology is now widely used by the military thanks to the high effectiveness and high security offered. It is used in radar and missile launchers.

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