Prime rib cooking – eat it red and eat correctly!

To produce perfect main ribs, you need to know some basic about pieces and how the main cooking ribs affect all results.

When choosing the main rib pieces to cook, make sure the meat is dark red and the fat lid must be a perfect cream and white. The main rib should not only smell fresh but, there should be no excess liquid in the package.

If you plan to use your main rib, make sure you have cleaned the knife, countertops, and the cutting board correctly correctly with hot soapy water.

Time cooking the main ribs depends entirely on the method you plan to use to prepare the ribs. If you plan to bake the main ribs, the temperature and cooking time are as follows:


Time to cooking the main rib can be calculated at internal temperature. The following cooking time is based on the roast rib which weighs around 4 to 6 lbs.

o Rarely requires an internal temperature of 125 degrees: Cooking time is calculated by approximately 1 hour.
O Medium Rare requires an internal temperature of 135 degrees: around 1 1/2 hour
o Medium has an internal temperature of 145 degrees: approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes
o Medium wells have an internal temperature of 155 degrees: Generally 2 hours
o Well has an internal temperature of 165 degrees: approximately 2 1/2 hours.

Cooking at a higher temperature and at a faster level on a conventional oven tends to dry pieces and make the meat chewy.

In the end, it is better to bring your time so you can produce perfect results, free of waste and burn, the edges are cooked.

Broil or Grill.

The grilled rib grilled and baking can be an adventure if you don’t test the waters before. Make sure you test coals or gas burning grills by placing your semi-hand point and if you pull your hand in 3 seconds, it’s ready to go.

The biggest tip for the timing of the main ribs using this method is to cut your roasting time into two. Hot directly from these sources will speed up the cooking process so as to maintain a good situation in the situation and have bioterm or thermometer.


Pan frying uses oil or butter or not at all to create friction which will also speed up the process. It’s very possible to reach a rare med steak within 2 minutes on each side in a skillet.

Nutrition (3 ounces of porting)

Calories 360.
FAT 29G.
12g saturated fat.
Potassium 240mg.
13g protein.
Sodium 55mg.
10% iron

In accordance with the timing of the main ribs, it is your best interest to consume soft and flavorful meat pieces on the rare side. Why did you ask? The longer you cook prime rib, the more minerals you throw away. Because beef contains high quality protein with most of your amino acids needed every day, for your best interest to consume at least once a week.

Sylas Tiana
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