Pros and Cons of New Cellular Broadband Technology

All things considered, it wasn’t long that cellphone was not in the hands of everyone on the road. When technology runs as far as and people get used to that idea, they are slowly but surely build momentum. After the costs become affordable and plans are available for each type of customer, the boom occurs. Mobile phones replace land lines for many consumers and we are basically in the same situation today.

Although the development period is rather shorter for wireless internet – especially cellular cellular cellular preparations – many experts see the same thing will happen. In a short time, the number of people operating with high-speed wireless internet on cellphones will exceed no amount. If you are the type of person who jumps for the first technology and ends in technical support immediately after, you might want to run some pros and cons first. Check both parties with this list.


1. Your abilities in matters relating to work will soon be encouraged. You will be able to answer emails from anywhere (literally) and may be able to do downloads simultaneously. If you use a laptop, the need for office work will be minimal.

2. Your flexibility will generally increase. The reason you have to need to be in a certain place (for work or whatever other than) will decrease. If you need to rest or want to finish the job, you will be able to do it. It’s like a Wi-Fi without a hot spot.

3. Your solution can be simplified. Going wireless can mean a total wireless plan, both on the road and in your home. Having both parties to your internet package allows you to reduce overall costs. Make sure there are no data limits or speed problems, but if not, you must be happy to walk without the installation process and there is no more complicated cable.


1. Your free time might be compromised in terms of your work. If you are always ready to work with this technology, it can tempt for employers to keep looking for you, even when you usually don’t work. While your status in the office might rise, are you ready for extra responsibilities?

2. You need to use your imagination and plan your activities as if you already have a 4G wireless internet coverage. Can you go where do you want to go? Get a picture of a clear area that is not compatible with the service, if any, before you try to take your job there.

After you have a clear view of the potential dead zone and has set boundaries with your employer about work and free time, maybe there will be some obstacles left.

Sylas Tiana
the authorSylas Tiana