Technology for children’s development

Children easily receive information. They do what they see. With technological advances, everyone can access anything anytime, and so are children. So, don’t be surprised if you heard the child curse today. They might see someone saying it on the internet and copy it.

About a few weeks ago, I was surprised by my ten-year student who cursed when his friend drowned his arm. Then, I realized that not only did he condemn in my class. It is unfortunate that these children say the bad words easily as if they are not bad things to say.

In addition, technology has also created individualistic generations. We often see that when children play games on their gadgets, they barely notice when someone calls them. And, when they returned from school, the gadget was the first thing they were looking for. Then, they live in their rooms for hours playing games, or browsing on the internet. They turn into individualists and may be anti-social if it continues.

However, technology has also progressed in children’s development. Today’s generation learns faster than the previous generation. Today, many children are nine years old, who don’t come from English-speaking countries, speak English very smoothly. We cannot deny that it is also due to technology. The internet mostly uses English. Whether they realize it or not, they really have learned languages ​​by often seeing it.

Technology helps children to learn not only language, but also another subject. When doing homework or tasks, they can easily find additional information on the internet. At present, many children know a lot about things that have never been taught their school. About a few days ago, I talked about famous buildings in the world with my students in my English language course to work. Then I asked them about the story behind beautiful Taj Mahal. Honestly I didn’t expect them to answer my question but one of them did answer my question. He said he read it once on the internet. This is one of the effects of good technology.

Sylas Tiana
the authorSylas Tiana