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The importance of mental health among young people

Mental health is not just the absence of mental illness, but also the ability to overcome challenges in life. Mental health is as important as physical health for everyone. Young people usually experiment with attitude, appearance, and behavior. Most of their experiments are harmless, but some experiments may have terrible results. Children and adolescents experience mental health problems such as stress, anxiety, harassment, family problems, depression, learning disabilities, etc. Mental health problems are serious, such as self-behavior and suicide that harm themselves, increasing among young people.
Good mental health is very important to live a good life. Youth cannot be successful in academic and personal life effectively if they are struggling with mental health problems, such as depression or feeling unstable due to academic, social or family pressure.

Failure to detect youth mental health problems can lead to negative consequences such as an increased risk of academic failure, social isolation, unsafe sexual behavior, drug abuse and alcohol, suicidal, unemployed, and poor health. A recent report said, an increase in the level of mental and emotional problems among US children and children signaled the crisis for the country.

Depression, anxiety, attention deficit, make interference, suicide thinking, and other serious psychological problems strikingly more and more children and adolescents. Conservative estimates say one out of every ten children and adolescents now suffer from severe mental illness to cause a decline in value. “Even if it was detected before, unfortunately many children and adolescents did not receive the help they needed. Some reports were there that most children and adolescents need to evaluate mental health do not receive services and that the level of use of mental health services is also low.
Parents and adults must take care of young mental health. Parents and adults have to talk to youth, become a good role model for them, their advice to choose good friends, and monitor their activities.

There is a growing and unfulfilled need for mental health services for children and adolescents. Mental health services are important for students’ success and adolescence. Prevention program helps in the initial identification of mental health problems in young people. These programs provide education about mental health problems, prevention of violence, social skills training, prevention of harassment, suicide prevention, conflict resolution, and screening for emotional and behavioral problems. The family guide website is designed for parents and other adults to emphasize the importance of the family, promote mental health, and help prevent the use of alcohol, tobacco, and underage illegal drugs.

Good mental health is very important for the success of youth. To emphasize the importance of mental health in youth, the following steps can be taken: Creating awareness of mental health and adolescent health problems; Give a comprehensive guide to effective and meaningful youth meetings for organizations and professionals; and do programs to produce awareness about young mental health in every community. Awareness of the importance of mental health problems among adolescents is just as important as other physical problems, such as heart disease, AIDS, Cancer, etc. Local and state health officials must attract more attention to the importance of the mental health treatment of children and adolescents affected.

Sylas Tiana
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