Why marketers benefit from AI

Artificial Intelligence is very profitable for marketers who are trying to actively grow their business and generate more revenue. AI takes care of a lot of routine and completely mechanical tasks. Sending out emails, evaluating data, calculating – an automated system can do it all. For marketers who have experience and knowledge, imaginative thinking, and creative ideas, you can now focus on development. And most importantly, benefiting from individual skills and innovative technology.

How to bypass buyer mistrust: sales cold calls template

For many marketers, making cold calls does not seem to be a very effective technique for advertising products and getting new contracts. However, in most cases, it is not so much about the fact that customers are categorical opponents of a certain type of goods or services. The old methods of encouragement, instant impressions, or other marketing techniques don’t work now. Read more about the new trends in cold calling in the detailed report on this subject at We will try to tell you how to start a dialogue. And about how, based on the simplest formulas, to start an exchange of information, and not to get a decisive no at the first seconds.

The first step: empathy and “hooking up” for a conversation

The first step, in order to gain a potential buyer’s trust in cold calls, is to ask about something insignificant, something that is not questionable and can be interpreted as starting a dialogue. For example: “How is your day going today?”, “Are you feeling well?”, Such questions are not alarming, they allow the person to calmly start the conversation. This is very important, because further communication will be associated with the interpretation of difficult decisions, the perception of a new proposal, the establishment of communication, the ability to allocate money for the purchase. That is why such questions will be the first filter for further communication, will make it possible to overcome the barrier of misunderstanding or wariness.

If the person answers the first question negatively, it shows that further communication is not a priority for him now. Therefore, it is better to contact him at another time and under different circumstances. However, there are other approaches.

If the dialogue is difficult: save the situation!

If the first question is answered negatively, and the potential buyer is obviously annoyed, try to tell him that you respect his personal and professional life. Therefore, ask for his/her time on the appointed day.

If the potential buyer/customer is hesitant, you can offer him/her your version of the new conversation:

  • outline the subject matter;
  • specify the time and day;
  • very succinctly and literally in a few words outline the benefits.

Usually, they offer their time to continue the dialogue. Such offers should be treated very respectfully. And even if an after-hours time is chosen for the dialogue, it is necessary to confirm it and call exactly when it is appointed. This shows not only respect for the potential buyer, but also the seriousness of the seller’s intentions. It is important to put the call notification on the call calendar, make a notice to complete the contact.

This scheduled virtual meeting can be the first real step to making a new business contact.

Sylas Tiana
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