Choose commercial fitness equipment for a medium fitness center

A medium fitness center can be between 500 and 1500 square feet. Fitness centers of this size can be found in a school, a hotel, a community center or a place of employment, such as the office of the company or the fire department. Depending on the needs of the installation, designers may include many types of commercial fitness equipment for cardiovascular exercise and weight training. There may also be rooms or spaces for instruction classes such as yoga, pilates, spin courses or martial arts. The layout and design of a fitness center of this size depend on the total space and the available budget. Here are some types of exercise equipment to consider when designing a medium fitness center.

Cardiovascular equipment

Aerobic exercise is a key element of any health and exercise plan. A minimum of 20 to 30 minutes of low-impact cardiovascular exercise is recommended at least 3 times a week to stay in shape and healthy. Some of the most popular types of cardiovascular material at a commercial fitness center are rolling carpets, elliptical crossed coaches and exercise bicycles or floors. Exercise bicycles come in 3 different styles: standing, lying and spinning. Stair climbers and rowing rowing are also other options. An example of medium size facility with multiple users may include the following cardiovisual equipment:

• 3-5 Treadmills

• 2-3 elliptical machines

• 2-3 exercise bikes

• 1 stair climber and / or ramifier

Running mats are often the most popular cardio parts in a gym. They are ideal for advanced novices and exercisers because they are easy to use and offer a range of walking exercise options on hiking. To minimize waiting times, it is useful to include a larger number of treadmills than other cardio equipment. Elliptical transverse trainers offer a complete and low-impact cardiovascular workout, combining both the top and bottom of the body. The movement is similar to cross-country skiing and is often recommended as easy on the joints.

Bodybuilding material

Strength training is another essential component of a health and exercise plan. Force training builds bone density and muscle tone. Typical force drive equipment in a commercial fitness center includes specialized weight machines, multi-stations and free weight gyms. Fitness centers with limited space may choose to include 1 to 2 multi-station gyms that operate several parts of the body, while larger gyms can include more targeted specialized machines, such as:

• Sitting leg buckle machine

• Leg press

• Extension of legs

• Side descent machine

• Press the chest

• Drawbar

Free weights must include a dumbbell set with weights ranging from 5 to 75 pounds. It is important to designate a specific fitness area for free weight exercises to better guarantee comfort and safety.

Additional fitness equipment consists of exercise balls or pilates, exercise tapes and jump ropes. Each of these elements helps strengthen strength and tone muscles with varied isolation movements. The jump ropes also contribute to cardiovascular workout. The gym soils must be chosen that reduce the impact on the knees and any carpets must be low to prevent slippads and injury.

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