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The importance of technology on our changing life

It is extremely difficult to imagine the world without some of the technology we are now taking for granted.

As soon as we can remember, the man has always tried to improve, doing better things faster, stronger or make them last longer.

If we take a look back, we can easily see that some things had a greater impact than others, but it is undeniable that technological advances have all paid a major role in the life we ​​appreciate today. The importance of technology can not be underestimated.

The technology brought us from the agricultural revolution, where humans initially learned to grow and harvest food. As the world’s population grew up, it has become necessary to know which plants have grown in different climates and conditions. With the current technology, we have access to an extremely large amount of data we can study and understand how we have gone from agriculture age, where the ability to domesticate plants and animals has controlled control Food supply, while social change was introduced.

The social changes caused by technology have introduced the Renaissance on the 14th in the 16th century. It was the period, when the man sought to improve on circumstances and introduces the printing press, regarded as one of the important technological advances.

The printing press introduced the massive print of books that turned out to be largely responsible for disseminating knowledge.

It is extremely difficult to classify any technology as having more impact than the other, but that would certainly be at the top of any list would be a medicine. This global list would include the ability to treat diseases, transplants, vaccinations, antibiotic discovery and discover new diseases.

The phone is another very important step in the advancement of technology. Before Alexander Graham Bell invented the phone, it would take the day to get news to go from one place to another. The carrier pigeons were not yet available, it was generally to be by static, or postal service, or rail. There were no methods of mass communication and it was always on a single basis. It was not uncommon for the news will not reach the intended destination.

The invention of the phone inaugurated the technology of communication. Communication always changes how we live and work. The communication affects all areas of our lives, and better we can communicate, it means that we can collaborate more effectively, and the more we collaborate effectively, it means that things can be done at a much faster pace, which implies that The pace of the introduction of more technology can increase.

Better communication means more discoveries and new tools that solve more problems.

There can be no greater introduction of technology in recent decades as Internet development and, although we are always at the beginning of early childhood, it’s easy to consider a world where everyone else is connected.

Sylas Tiana
the authorSylas Tiana