How to securely store valuable equipment in the garage

The garage is one of the most useful storage spaces in the home. It is roomy, protected from the elements, and easily accessible.

However, its position on the property makes it a target for burglars. The garage is often separate from home security systems such as alarms which further contributes to its vulnerability. Here’s how to securely store your valuable equipment in the garage without fear of theft.

Assess the safety of your garage

Begin with a thorough safety assessment of your garage.

Check over the space carefully to identify any potential weak spots that might invite theft. Prime examples are windows that are thin enough to break through or doors that do not close properly. Don’t forget to look outside as well: shadowy areas surrounding the garage are a great hiding place.

As well as considering external break-ins, think about the risks involved with the internal storage. Most garages are not connected to the home heating system which means they are cold and damp, an environment that could damage electricals and furniture over time.

You must also take steps to recognise and minimise any opportunities for slips, trips, and falls.

Explore home security solutions

Once you have evaluated the safety of your garage, it is time to explore suitable home security solutions. These include lights, new locks, and alarms.

Put off any prospective thieves by making your security measures as obvious as possible. Install lights on the garage exterior which are automatically triggered by movement or shine all night long. You should also fit an alarm and ensure that it is visible on the outside of your house.

Make sure that windows are at least double-glazed and are lockable from the inside. A casement style is the most secure because it is hard to prize open from the outside.

Consider cameras and access control

If you own a larger property, you might want to investigate the option of access control.

You could install electronic gates at the end of your drive which lock automatically and can only be operated from the house or with a code. You can attach a wireless intercom which allows you to vet anyone attempting to enter the property.

Alongside the wireless intercom you can fit a camera which can detect movement and relay those images to a screen in the house. This kind of smart technology has revolutionised home security in recent years.

Optimise your storage strategy

Now that you have improved the environment in and around the garage, you can take the final step and optimise your storage strategy.

If the first line of defence fails, thievery can be stopped by excellent storage solutions. This might include fitting eye bolts to the ground or wall and tying down your possessions so that they cannot be simply lifted away. Be sure to move any tools out of the garage so that the ties cannot be cut.

Not only will this extra security help to keep your valuables protected from theft, but it will also help to prevent accidental damage if the objects move or fall.

Improving your garage organisation will also allow you to store more equipment in the garage.

Sylas Tiana
the authorSylas Tiana