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Tips for Cooking Seafood – Sole Dover

Fish type soles and the most important soles of Sol Dover are probably the most honorable type of fish in the northern hemisphere. Sol Dover in particular has a mild and smooth taste with a relatively strong texture. They are also rich in some nutrients to form parts of a healthy diet. Calculated 100 g of single meat has 18,84G protein, which is the main part of the suggested daily intake, it is also rich in Omega 3.

Just as important, happy to eat, and impressive scenery on your plate. So, how are you wrong with fish like that? Very easy, need to be cooked very simply. Three suggestions below are the development of each recipe, some fish can handle many variations, but experimenting with a large Sole Dover is not needed.

Apart from Dover Sol there is another fish variant in the only family, which is mostly a little cheaper

Tip 1. Simple, simple and brilliant cooking from Sole Dover Sole

Buy fresh sole dover from your fish supplier, ask them to skin fish. At a mild coat house in flour and experienced butter, for those who have a diet without gluten using corn flour. Besides that you can replace butter with light vegetable oil, place it in a metal tray that is oiled and grill until cooked and gold.

The cooking method is plain and simple, but the results are extraordinary, only serve with lemon slices.

Tip 2. cooking dover soles for hesitation

How about the above was beaten?

Many people want to try cooking seafood at home worried about fish bones, which in the case of Sole Dover is hardly a problem because the fish easily comes out of the bone. But to make it very easy, ask your fish supplier to fill skinned fish. You will then have four pieces to coat as above. In a wrench that is warmly oiled gently frying individual fillets on both sides to be cooked and functioning as above. There are no bones, but extraordinary fish.

Tips 3. something a little different to cook your dover soles

And this is a small difference, which just ‘raised’ presentation. Ideal for impressive bosses or mother-in-law! You need skin with skinned and filled, but fillets need everything from each side. Starting from the widest point around 2cm from above, cut the fish starts in the middle then on both sides, to form four strips. Breasts together, both pairs or foursome.

Cook as above, but be careful to eliminate from a grill tray and coating because fish will be very smooth. Maybe serving with cream cream sauce decorated with shrimp or peeled shrimp. But don’t make it difficult for the plate.

Sylas Tiana
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