Online Marketing Strategy for Small Business – Top 10

What can business be done to promote themselves online? Well, there may be a hundred ways or more to promote an online business. But I get it to 10 of my top online marketing strategies for businesses can be used to convert lead to sales.

1. Online Marketing Plan: The first thing to do business before they start mucking with keywords and social media is planning. Every business that has or wants an online presence must begin with a comprehensive online marketing strategy.

2. SEO: Search engine optimization is a natural act of your online marketing plan. From your plan, you should have managed to find out who your target audience is. This will then determine your keywords that you can analyze further to identify the most profitable keywords for your website.

3. Social media: If you have a small business website but you don’t use social media strategies then you just do a half job for your marketing. Facebook and Twitter are a great way to promote and market your business. Thousands of businesses have compiled the power of Facebook marketing but only a handful of using Twitter. My advice is to study the power of Twitter marketing and coordinate it with your Facebook strategy. It’s not difficult.

4. Image: Google has a particular search function for images. These images come from somewhere, namely websites. If you sell real products then you definitely deserve to put pictures on your website and use the image description to describe this with relevant keywords. You might finally be in the top row of images. Images can increase website traffic very well, if used saving.

5. Online articles: pretty much I do now. Small businesses can write some online articles that connect back to their website.

6. Believe Marketing: This is an online marketing philosophy than a strategy. Trust Marketing is all about building relationships that don’t whip a product.

7. Social Bookmarking: This is a sharing site that I think you can say. Send your website or online articles to social bookmarking sites like Digg & Reddit and make the following.

8. Online Forum: Online Forum Research is relevant to your industry and quality shipments.

9. Pay per click ad: PPC As known to be very effective in your overall online marketing strategy. Google Adwords and Facebook have a very famous PPC platform that can do great things for small businesses.

10. Video for SEO: You don’t have to be George Clooney or Meryl Streep. Using videos to promote your business you can do wonders for your SEO. Send videos to youtube, don’t sell difficult, somewhat discussing your service or industry, making it entertaining and include relevant tags.

These are just a few online marketing tips for small businesses to increase their online presence. I will end where I started. There are hundreds of business ways can promote themselves on the internet. Choose that you think is the most comfortable in terms of your knowledge and time.

Sylas Tiana
the authorSylas Tiana