Top Seven Innovative Methods To Increase Productivity At Work

The coronavirus hit the world real hard and brought many important businesses to a halt. Some of them recovered from the losses incurred, while others are still struggling to find a way out. If your organizations belong to the unfortunate lot, then there is a high chance that you would want to know some highly effective methods to increase the productivity at your workplace so the recovery could get fastened up. One of those methods is hybrid workforce which ensures a better productivity. We will shed some more light on hybrid workforce meaning ahead, but first let’s consider the other options!

  • Lead By Example – When you have a lot of people working under you then there is a high chance that they will be all looking up to you while doing certain things. It is your job to maintain an image so strong that your subordinates would always think of you as a perfect example whenever something comes up that requires grit, sincerity and perseverance. Apart from that, what you can do to become a good leader is that you can work alongside your team so that they can understand everything about the job and then do it as perfectly as you.
  • Reward the Winners – Your workplace is surely full of people who have a lot of things to do and most of them do those things while thinking that they are not getting appreciated for whatever they are doing. Therefore, it is up to you to provide them with some great rewards for the smallest of their contribution towards the growth of the company. Doing so would not only encourage the person, it would make a great reputation of you and the company as well. Therefore, reward the winners of your offices so that they can feel appreciated.
  • Provision of Tools and Tech – It is of utmost importance that your office and its workers do not lag behind any of their competitors in the tools and technologies department. Being the manager or the owner of your organization, it is your responsibility to give your employees the best gizmos and other accessories which would help them become more productive. Apart from that, there are several technologies which are being used by a lot of organizations which you can also implement in your offices. Doing that will make your employees technically sound and eventually more productive when they are doing some the most important tasks.
  • Train Your Team – It is saddening how many employers overlook the continuous training of their teams once they have joined the company. Everything is left upon their employees whether it is a new technology or a new tool, they have to deal with it on their own. The need of continuously training has always been there as it allows the employees to become a better version of themselves and it will also increase their productivity by enabling them to efficiently use the newly introduced technologies. Therefore, you must train your team no matter how experienced they have become as there is always some room for improvement.
  • Flexibility of Schedules – A hectic work schedule is a big turnoff for many employees and it plays a major role in psychologically affecting their work. That is why, it is important to incorporate a flexible work schedule like the hybrid work model wherein the teams are divided into two parts. One part is working from home and the other part is working from office. This division of work enables the employees to perform better than the usual. There are, obviously, some other methods which could be used by the organizations to make the work more flexible.
  • Focus on Your Employees’ Health – The pandemic has taken a toll on the physical and mental health of many individuals by either attacking them personally or just affecting them due to its certain acts. It is your responsibility as a team leader, manager or owner to ensure that the mental and physical health of your employees is in a sound state so that they can have a great work environment which will make them more productive for sure. The inclusion of any sports activities is a fun way to keep them physically and mentally fit.

The rate of recuperation of your businesses is sure to increase exponentially when you would imply the above-mentioned practices at your respective offices. These practices have been tried and tested by a lot of organizations who took a great fall because of the wrath of the pandemic. But most of them used methods like hybrid work schedule to recover from that fall. Therefore, you must incorporate these practices at your workplace so that you do not lag behind any of your competitors who are also trying to get back in the game.

Sylas Tiana
the authorSylas Tiana